Canoe journeys


Kanuumatk Vigala jõel

A canoe journey is an excellent combination of a relaxing rest with moderate physical exertion. The journey group size, duration and route are subject to prior agreement. We can organise journeys that last one or several days, depending on the wishes of our customers.

We mainly organise canoe journeys on the Vigala river and, if there is interest, also on the Põltsamaa river. On the Vigala River canoe journeys can be organised from the Krantsi Tavern all the way to the Matsalu National Park. Among the many picturesque sites on the Matsalu River there are quite a few milldams that add some extreme sensations to the river experience. Our canoes are for two or three people and have light plastic-aluminium paddles.


1 person                  19 EUR
children under 14 years        9 EUR
*groups of at least 12 people  20% discount

In the winter you can engage in such seasonal pastimes on the river as skating, skiing and so on.


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