Small raft house

Small raft house

Small raft house

Here you can have events for bigger groups, family gatherings, birthday parties, summer days and other company events, meetings, etc. The house is for up to 36 people and 20 people can spend the night here.

On the first storey of the raft house are the festive hall, fireplace, toilet, kitchenette, TV set, music centre and barbecue. On the second storey there are beds for overnight stays. On one side of the raft house is a nice spot for sunbathing.

Our raft house guests have the unique opportunity to go fishing without actually going out as there are special hatches in the first storey floor. What a convenient way to fish in the winter, sitting indoors by the warm fireplace!

The raft house has rechargeable 12V batteries and you can also have 220V via transformer. If necessary, the raft house can be moved to a private river area where there are no other houses or people in the vicinity.

Price for using the house: 24 hours 425EUR


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