Hydrobike Europe

Hydrobike Europe

NEW! We have finally received the long-awaited hydrobikes and they are now ready for riding.

These hydrobikes in Estonia are exclusive and ideally suited for riding on the river.

A hydrobike ride on a sultry summer evening is a fine way to reduce stress and enjoy nature. A little hydrobike adventure is a fun activity for the whole family or a group of friends. A perfect way to spend a day would be to begin it with a hydrobike ride and then enjoy quality relaxation time in the sauna on the raft or our special raft house.

Parvematkad OÜ is the official representative and distributor in Estonia,Baltikum and Skandinavia

Hydrobike ride price per person:

9 EUR/hour

5 EUR/30 minutes

You can also book a hydrobike journey for up to 20 people.

When you rent the raft sauna or house, the hydrobike rental fee will be reduced as agreed.

Parvematkad OÜ is the official representative of the manufacturer (Hydro-bike) in Estonia.

View the hydrobike riding clip, it is better than reading a thousand words about the experience!




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